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Below are inflammatory culprits that contribute to weight gain and weight loss resistance. Click on specific culprit to learn more.

Chemicals are in most of the foods we eat, the products we use, and the indoor air we breathe. The challenge today and why most diets fail is that most people are aware of the danger's chemicals have on their health but are unaware of the effect's these chemicals have on weight gain, weight loss resistance. Recent studies uncovered that certain types of chemicals, called endocrine disruptors, obesogens, and xenoestrogens affect healthy hormone balance, and maybe to blame for weight gain and weight loss resistance. The more chemicals you breathe, absorb, and consume, the more your hormones become unbalanced, and the more they sabotage your weight loss efforts and overall health. This discovery was the inspiration and passion for releasing my newest book, Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle. In this groundbreaking book, you'll learn how to achieve lasting weight loss results and better health without counting calories or exercising until your legs fall offLearn More

Most diet plans fail today because they fail to discuss, address, or teach you how to reduce and remove fat fertilizing toxic stressors. There are two kinds of stress; the good kind (acute stress) which is temporary and alerts the body to start the healing process. (stub a toe or sprain an ankle) This type of inflammatory stress is healthy and necessary. The other kind of stress is the bad kind (low-grade chronic stress), which can last for months, years, or indefinitely. This type of stress comes from internal or external sources, such as; chemical stress, emotional stress, toxic diet stress, digestive disturbance stress, nutritional deficiency stress, and dehydration stress. When low-grade chronic inflammatory stress is ongoing, it signals the body to release fat fertilizing hormones and sabotages your weight loss results despite your efforts to eat less and exercise more. Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle will teach you the simple steps to identify and remove fat-fertilizing and disease-causing stressors from your life, making lasting weight loss result and restoring health much easier to achieve. Learn More

According to a recently published article in the New York Post titled "Dust is Making you Fat", uncovered that endocrine-disrupting chemicals present in household dust may disrupt metabolic health and trigger an increase in body fat, particularly for health compromised adults and children. Most people spend as much 80-95% of their time indoors (home, office, car). The problem is indoor dust builds up in your home and the chemicals in your home settle on these dust particles and become airborne and end up in our bodies from inhaling them. In another study published in the Journal Environmental Science and Technology, they also found that endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in dust particles once inhaled over time may disrupt metabolic hormones and cause the body’s cells to store more fat. EDC’s reprogram our cells in several ways; first, they promote fat accumulation through increasing the number of fat cells, or they make it more difficult to lose weight by affecting how calories are used, metabolized or stored. In my newest book, Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle I'll teach you the simple steps to detoxify your home from fat fertilizing toxic dust and how to boost weight loss and reclaim your health. Learn More.

Research has shown that the tap water you drink, cook, shower or bathe with - contains harmful chemicals and toxic contaminants that impact your health and have been linked to weight gain, gut disruption, and disease.  In my opinion, the most significant risks to your health and waistline are often not what you eat or genetics but rather the number of chemicals you consume, breath and absorb. A 10-minute shower is equivalent to drinking eight glasses of toxic tap water from absorbing the water from your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and easily absorbs fat fertilizing chemicals and toxic contaminants, which pass to the bloodstream. While our bodies can filter out much of the toxins in tap water from our drinking water, the chemicals and contaminants we inhale during showering and bathing may be much more harmful, since these toxins enter into our bloodstream from breathing in water vapor and absorbing through your skin. Reducing these toxic contaminants from your tap water is as simple as installing a high-quality water filter. Shop Clean Water

Toxic Indoor air pollution can be up to 100 times, more toxic than breathing outside air and can double the level of fat fertilizing and disease-causing inflammation in your body. Many people don't realize that their illness or symptoms may be caused by the toxic indoor air they breathe in their own homes, at school or on the job. If not reduced or removed toxic indoor air pollution can lead to illness and or diseases that show up much later in life, such as respiratory diseases or cancer. Milder symptoms include recurring headaches, dry eyes, nausea, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and weight loss resistance. Yes, weight gain. According to researchers at Duke University, they have discovered a link between exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in indoor dust particles could lead to weight gain. Shop Clean Air

Wearing shoes inside your home is a leading contributor to contaminating your home with harmful bacteria and toxic chemicals. These toxins collect on the bottoms of your shoes and end up on your floors, rugs and eventually become airborne from dust particles being contaminated and end up into your body. These toxic dust particles become airborne and get inhaled or absorbed from going barefoot in your home. A study which investigated germs collected on footwear, by Dr. Charles Gerba, microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona found on average 421,000 units of bacteria on the outside of the shoe and 2,887 on the inside. Some of the bacterium detected where; E Coli, asphalt, pesticides, endocrine-disrupting chemicals and over 9 different strains of bacteria all of which contaminate your home and increase your risk of weight gain, illness, infection, and disease. In my newest book, Toxic Free Diet and Lifestyle you'll learn how to reduce and remove all the fat fertilizing and disease-causing culprits in your home that are sabotaging your weight loss and wellness efforts. Learn More

Not too long ago, our ancestors used food as medicine and lived a chemical-free existence where the foods they ate and the products they used were grown in fields and made by hand. Fast forward to today’s toxic world and over 87% of the foods we consume and products we buy are created in a laboratory, made in a factory and requires a chemistry degree just to read and understand the long list of chemical ingredients, stabilizers, preservatives and additives on the label. In my newest book, I'll teach you it's not "what you eat" as much as "what's is in the foods" you eat, that's sabotaging your weight loss and wellness efforts.  The Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle teaches you how to get back to our grass organic roots of living and eating cleaner while living in the fat-fertilizing and disease-causing world. Learn More

It's not that carbohydrates are bad for us, but we are consuming refined carbs and starches at unprecedented levels. The primary dietary sources of refined carbs are white flour, white bread, white rice, pastries, sodas, snacks, pasta, sweets, breakfast cereals, and added sugars. Today the average American consumes 200 to 400 grams of grain-based carbs a day, that's equivalent to 73,000 grams of carbohydrates annually. This daily ritual of consuming mostly processed carbs is equal to drinking 20 cans of soda every day for a year which is approximately 91,000 cans of soda annually. These types of carbs are the leading culprit to weight gain, weight loss resistance, obesity, and disease.

If there is one thing we don’t have a short supply of in the foods we eat is additives. Americans consume over two pounds of food additives annually. Food additives are used as stabilizers, thickeners, preservatives, and sweeteners. Some of the most common are monosodium glutamate, artificial coloring, sodium nitrite, xanthan or guar gum, corn syrup, carrageenan, sodium benzoate, and trans fats. Food additives are found in everything from fresh produce to processed foods, jarred and canned foods, cereal, cured and processed meats, bread, cheeses, soft drinks, juices, and so much more. New research suggests food additives may be creating a whole host of health and weight-related problems. Food additives can disrupt and alter the bacteria in your gut, potentially causing intestinal inflammation, which makes a person more likely to develop inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome and can be a contributing factor to weight gain and digestive disturbances. 

Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are used to reduce damage to crops from weeds, rodents, insects, mold, and germs. Certain types of pesticides called endocrine-disrupting chemicals disrupt, alter and or mimic the bodies own naturally occurring hormones.  Just like pesticides are designed to kill bugs in crops. When pesticides are consumed or absorbed they destroy or alter good bacteria in your digestive system and have been linked to cancer.  Disrupting the good vs. bad gut bacteria in your digestive system leads to several digestive issues and can be a leading contributor to gastrointestinal disturbances, thyroid dysfunction, and weight gain. In my newest book Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle, you'll learn the simple steps to detoxify the body from pesticides, heal gut disturbances, and boost weight loss and restore your health. Learn more.

Sugar, in any form, is one of the most dangerous fat-fertilizing and disease, causing offenders of them all. Refined sugar is the leading contributor to weight gain, weight loss resistance, obesity, and diseases. Sugar undermines our overall health and ability to lose weight and prevent you from keeping it off. Most if not all processed foods and beverages contain some form of sugar additive, from condiments, bread, flavored drinks, fat-free dressings to personal care products, yes personal care products. Worldwide humans are consuming five hundred (500) extra calories a day from just added sugar foods and beverages vs. ten years ago. If that's not alarming enough, these extra calories add up to a pound of fat per week. Sugar, in any form, is one of the most dangerous fat fertilizing offenders of them all and is the leading contributor to weight gain, weight loss resistance, obesity, and diseases. 

Thermal sales receipt paper used for cash registers and other paper receipts are treated with a known endocrine-disrupting obesogenic chemical called Bisphenol-A (BPA). Sales receipt paper contains some of the highest levels of BPA per weight and volume. BPA is a man-made chemical that mimics our bodies naturally producing hormones. (estrogen and estradiol) When hormone levels become unbalanced its often a leading contributor to weight gain, obesity, and disease, despite your efforts to eat healthier and exercise more.  Studies have shown cashiers, more than other occupations have as much as 30% more BPA in their bodies. In my newest book Toxic-Tree Diet and Lifestyle, I'll teach you the simple step to detox the body, balance hormones and burn fat by navigating around this and many other fat fertilizing chemicals. Learn More.

Personal care, cosmetics,  dryer sheets, candles, air fresheners, and household cleaning products are considered some of the worst offenders when it comes to fat fertilizing and disease-causing chemical exposures. The problem is that most of these products contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC) that wreak havoc on hormone balance and disrupt cellular function. Recent studies have found that these type of chemicals even at small doses over time build up in your body and may be contributing to our obesity epidemics worldwide. EDC or obesogens do not directly cause weight gain and or obesity, but they have been found to increase the sensitivity or susceptibility to gaining weight. In my latest book Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle, I'll teach you the simple steps to minimize your chemical exposures and how to swap out chemically-based products for ones that do not include fat fertilizing or toxic disease-causing chemicals. Learn More  

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