The 21-Day Detox to Cure Weight Loss Resistance and Poor Health

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The 21-Day Detox to Cure Weight Loss Resistance. By James Uberti, FDN  

Most people blame weight gain or obesity on genetics, overeating, or something that happens to us as we age. However, today's reasons behind weight gain are often caused by chronic inflammatory stress, more so than genetics, overeating, or a sedentary lifestyle. According to recent research being overweight or obese has more to do with our bodies being chemically assaulted and chronically stressed-out, more so than eating too much and not exercising enough. 

When it comes to inflammatory stress, there are two kinds, the good kind called acute inflammation, which is necessary, and cues the body to heal and repair, such as spraining an ankle or scraping a knee or elbow. The bad kind, called toxic inflammation stress, can last for months, years, and sometimes indefinitely. Sources include toxic diet stress, toxic chemical stress, toxic drug stress, toxic excess fat stress, toxic dehydration stress, toxic sleep stress, toxic digestive stress, nutrient deficiency stress, and physical and emotional stress. If not reduced or removed, these types of stressors are the leading cause of all weight gain, weight loss failures, and disease.

In this groundbreaking book of identifying and reducing, toxic inflammatory stressors. Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, and Environmental Toxins Expert James Uberti exposes the real reasons behind weight gain, weight loss resistance and uncovers all the fat fertilizing stressors that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts and Health. Diets fail today because they often only address weight gain symptoms, eating too much, and not exercising enough. In contrast, Toxic-Free Diet addresses the root causes behind unexplained weight gain and weight loss resistance without having to count calories or exercise endlessly.  Buy now on Amazon 

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Are Friends to Blame for Your Weight Gain.

Are Friends to Blame For Your Weight Gain? 

By James Uberti, Author, Creator Toxic-Free Diet, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, FDN.

If your struggling with weight gain and weight loss failures your friends and family may be to blame. To achieve lasting weight loss results, you must also consider removing toxic people from your life or what I refer to as fat-fertilizing friends and family. These types of people can conscientiously or subconsciously sabotage your weight loss successes or failures. We've all heard the phrase, "You are what you eat." Well, did you know that the people you hang out with have more of an IMPACT on your weight loss than diet and excercise.  According to a Harvard University study, "who you eat and hang out with" maybe just as important as any diet plan or workout program you follow. In other words, the friends and family member you hang out with or socialize with HAVE a significant influence on your weight gain and poor health. According to this study, being overweight or obese can be contagious. When one person gains weight, close friends and family members also tend to gain weight, as well.

This effect was the same even if the friend or family member was hundreds of miles away--the result remained the same. The greatest influence of all was between close friends. You are 171%more likely to be obese if your friends are obese. If your parents or siblings are obese, you are only 47% more likely to become obese. Friends have the biggest influence over every aspect of your weight gain, poor health, or unhealthy lifestyle choices. In Chapter 4 titled How to Detox Your Life, I'll expand on this topic and provide you the step-by-step approach on how to identify, reduce, and remove toxic people that are sabotaging your weight loss. (source) 

To Lose Weight and Restore Health Detox Your Home First

To Lose Weight and Restore Health Detox Your Home First   

By James Uberti, Author, Creator Toxic-Free Diet, and Lifestyle, FDNP

Many of us have done a detox or cleanse at some point in our lives, to rid the body of toxins and waste. However, the problem with most detox plans, pills and powders are that they focus solely on purging “internal toxins”, and waste from the body. However, often never suggesting and or addressing detoxing or eliminating the external sources and “primary reason” why you're detoxing in the first place.

Are Chemicals In Your Shower Making You Fat, Sick and Tired?

Are Chemicals In Your Shower Making You Fat?

By James Uberti, Author, Creator Toxic-Free Diet, and Lifestyle, FDNP 

If you're struggling to lose weight or just can’t seem to understand why you keep gaining weight despite your efforts of restricting calories and exercising endlessly? You may want to check the products lurking in your shower. Scientists and researchers are now convinced that chemicals commonly found in most personal care products such as shampoos, shaving gels, conditioners, body wash, moisturizers, and unfiltered tap water directly affects how fat is stored, metabolized and burned.