The 21-Day Detox to Cure Weight Loss Resistance and Poor Health

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Just because we live in a toxic world doesn't mean we have to live in a toxic, sick, overweight body. In my new book, Toxic-Free Diet. I'll expose why today's diets fail to achieve lasting weight loss results and teach you how to achieve lasting weight loss and better health by simply learning how to identify, reduce and remove toxic fat-fertilizing and disease-causing inflammatory culprits.


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Success Stories

Frankie and Leslie

Frankie and Leslie were struggling with weight loss resistance and their health was going downhill. They encouraged each other to live and eat cleaner and lost over 35 pounds each, and started eliminating and cutting back on some of their prescription medications.

Maggie S.

Maggie couldn't seem to lose the weight no matter what diet plan she followed. Following the pricinples of a Toxic-Free Diet and Lifestyle, she was finally able to rid herself of the excess weight. Not only has she lost the weight but noticed her skin quality improved.

Radka K.

Rodka has been struggling with weight and weight loss resistance for over a decade. Once she decided to take the eat clean, live clean Toxic Free Lifestyle Challenge of kicking chemicals and carbs to the curb the weight started to drop off until she reached her goal.

Edward M.

I reversed all medical problems which included pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and gout plantar fasciitis all gone and off all prescriptions now. I tell my friends to live as clean as possible because its the chemicals in the drugs, food, and products that make us fat and sick.